Recruitment process

1. Go to bookmark –> Rope Access Career –> APPLY FOR JOB

2. Please fill out Application Form in FULL

3. Initial contact
Our HR department will make any initial contact with the candidate and perform a number of checks and conduct an interview over the phone. After analysing your application form and phone interview, we are able to determine whether or not an application is successful.

4. Induction
Once the candidates have been successfully screened during our initial contact they are booked in for induction. Induction is usually early in the morning before your first day of work at Rope Boys. During these two hours we sign contracts, get to know each other, talk about safety procedures, and familiarise you with work in our company.

Our Clients


We are able to work anywhere in Sydney. We are also able to service locations outside of Sydney, additional charges may apply.

If you want to receive a quotation or estimate, kindly send us an email via the contact form on our website.

Rope Boys - Rope Access Sydney

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