Birds spikes and netting

We deal with professional installation of protection against birds using rope access techniques. The security devices that we install have relevant certificates and effectively dissuade birds to sitting on secured surfaces, without causing them any harm.

Our rope access technicians can install protection against birds in hard to reach places, where they usually stay, for example:

  • the edge of the gutter and roofs
  • cornices, chimney holes
  • gutter edges, wall decorations
  • crossbars and balcony railings
  • advertising boards and under balcony barriers

Why installation of protection against birds is important?
The bird droppings pose a serious threat for building components and for human health. Bird droppings include many harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites that can penetrate the respiratory tract and cause serious zoonotic disease such as ornithosis or aspergillosis. Therefore, in concern of your own health and health of your employees, it is always worth using the appropriate protection against birds.

What kind of protection against birds can we offer?

The most commonly used type of protection are spikes and nets.

Spikes against birds (also known as BirdSystem or Stop-birds) can be mounted on narrow architectural elements such as handrails, railings or balustrades. We mount them using glue and stainless steel cable ties. When we install spikes on wooden surfaces, we use corrugated nails or stainless screws. Installation of protection against birds is also associated with the use of polyethylene nets. These can be used to protect balconies, terraces and even entire facades.

The assembly of the anti-bird net consists of creating a frame made of steel wire, tightened with turnbuckles. The frame is attached with a mesh using galvanized rings. The nets we use are durable and weatherproof with a life span of about 10 years.

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