Preparation for Rope Access job

Specialists in the industry often say that you should pay as much attention to the organization of your work as to its performance. The task should not be started without planning the individual work stages. First of all, take into account all possible circumstances that could threaten the employees or other nearby people. It is worth considering it two or even three times. When working at heights, you must absolutely not underestimate even the most minimal risks. You should always fear the worst-case scenario. It is also worth considering whether a given task cannot be done in a safer way. To use of rope access, you should always obtain efficient protective equipment, dedicated to a given type of task. For other work at heights, consider using ladders. Where possible, they should be replaced with safer equipment, such as platforms. Tools with sufficiently long handles should be used, if possible. The vital link in this chain is the human factor. Before starting the task, make sure all employees know how to use the assigned equipment, and whether the person supervising the rope access work knows what he should pay particular attention to.

Slaw Wamberski
Expert on Industrial Rope Access

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