Abseiling painting – 5 things to pay attention to

Are you a manager of a building that needs to be renewed? If so, you definitely want to do it in a proper way. One of the related activities is painting the elevation. What should we pay attention to before we start this process?

Below you can find 5 practical tips:

  1. A professional company providing rope access services

Due to the complexity of the elevation painting process, it is worth hiring a professional company. Thanks to this we can be sure that we will not destroy or damage the building, and the service will be performed at a high level.

  1. Painting method

When selecting a company, pay attention to the method that is used when performing the elevation painting service. Does the company use alpine techniques for this process, or do they use scaffolding? Rope Access techniques are a better solution in this case. They are less expensive, shorten the time of service and unlike scaffolding do not require anchoring, and thus do not make any damages. In addition, only industrial abseilers are able to reach some hard to reach places.

  1. Weather

When planning painting, look at the weather forecast. There is no point in doing any activity in the case of rain. The air temperature is also important. The ideal is considered to be between 10˚C and 35˚C. Remember, however, that long-term exposure of the paint in the sun may change its colour and become faded.

  1. Type of paint

The type of paint used to paint the elevation is not without significance, either. It should be ideally suited to the type of parget. The aim of paint will be to protect the elevation for many years, so it is very important that it is of high quality. It is also worth paying attention to the colour of the paint to match the surroundings.

  1. Taking care after painting

The elevation is exposed to weather conditions, cracks, fungi and moulds. For this reason, if we want the paint to remain intact for a long period of time, it should be properly cared for. A whole range of cleaning and impregnating products is used for this purpose. If, however, we are not specialists in this field, it is worth using the services of a company offering mountaineering services – such as Rope Boys Pty Ltd.

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