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It’s worth mentioning that this work cannot be done by anyone. The beginnings in this trade are difficult. People who don’t know this trade will definitely have difficulties starting their careers here. Usually it takes half a year to get the hang of it. At the beginning I just needed to find out if I’m made to do this job. You need to get used to the heights and above all to the fear of heights.

Good equipment is the basis
For those who observe you from the other side of their windows, this job might seem dangerous. In spite of some accidents that occur sometimes, the job itself is not dangerous. This is a man that creates dangerous situations, if he does not make mistakes, the equipment will not fail. The ropes, carabiners, the equipment that we use is first class and devoid of any manufacturing defects. The companies which produce this equipment just can’t afford any errors. The rope can hold 3,5 tons. I weigh 80 kilos so there’s a lot of margin for me in case I fall. In other words, the rope is able to hold a car. All of us also posses IRATA permissions. In this trade you gain these permissions first of all to earn money, as if you do not have them, no building administrator will let you on the roof.

The danger exists though
Against all appearances the work is safe. You always fasten two anchors – one to descend, the second for protection and safeguard. It’s like when you parachute- when one of the parachutes lets you down, you have the other at hand. I don’t personally know, however, of a case where the anchor failed. The dangers that arise are the consequences of human error only; the longer you work the more you trust the equipment. The first time gives you fear. At first you double- check each rope, carabiner and anchor and each movement is filled with anxiety, but with time you get to trust the equipment. Later you know that well- fastened equipment cannot let you down.

What else apart from cleaning?
If there’s a need to paint a building but the administrators do not want scaffolding because it disturbs the people, destroys the grass and spoils the views, we can do this being invisible to the residents. The place does not look like a building site and the effects of our work are visible day by day. The estate is clean and we are practically invisible. Thanks to this we get commissioned a lot. In the contract we always inform about emergency situations. But people understand that the rain might delay our services.

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Slaw Wamberski
Expert on Industrial Rope Access

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